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Standard Calf Pen

Protecting your calves is easy with the pen-to-pen isolation offered by Artex Calf Zone Pens. More suited for temperate and colder climates, our pens protect calves from drafts and coming into contact with animals in adjoining pens.

Whether you are mounting to a structural wall or in stand-alone rows, Artex Calf Pens are fully customizable with a variety of wall length’s, back wall options, and bucket and bottle options. 

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Why Choose a Standard Artex Calf Pen?

Standard Calf Zone Pen | Artex Calf Pen System

Back Wall Options:

• Structural wall
• PVC back wall
• Open spindle back gate
• Open spindle back wall panel

Feed Options:

• 5L or 10L bucket holders
• 3L or 6L bottle holders
• Hay feeders


Complete your Calf Pen Solution

Standard Calf Pen Ventilation | Artex Calf Zone Ventilation