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Shallow Aqua Dumps

We’ve expanded our line of waterers to include a new Shallow Aqua Dump. This industry leading product comes with the same easy-to-dump system found in our standard Aqua Dumps.

How is it special? The name says it all. The Shallow Aqua Dump holds less water which makes it more economical to dump, clean, and refill.

The cleaner the water, the more she will drink, the more she drinks, the more milk she makes.

Worried about running out of water? Don’t be. Artex Aqua Dumps are fast to refill, they can keep up with your thirsty herd.

Available in: 

Sizes form 122cm (4') to 366cm (12')

Hot dipped galvanized, stainless steel, or semi-stainless


Two piece hood with easy access float access

Floor and wall mount options

Optional leg risers