Standard Self Locks

There are over 55 sizes of Artex standard self locks, and each size is available in pre-dipped and hot dipped galvanization options. We continually work to offer different dimensions and features to meet the growing needs of every market.

Artex standard self locks help to maximize labour and management efficiency by providing farmers with both group and individual lock up opportunities. Making physical examinations, vaccinations, inseminations, pregnancy checks, and treatments that much easier to streamline.

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Why Choose a Standard Self Lock?

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Standard Features of Artex Self Locks

• Panic release
• Bottom blocker
• Pro-pole release
• Auto-open top
• Visual locking setting
• Rub-free flippers
• Available in 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 openings per 10'/3.05m panels
• Available in hot dip galvanized and pre-galvanized options

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