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Our Partners

We are blessed to partner with a number of organizations and industry experts. For more information on any of our partnerships, please contact an Artex representative, or visit our partners websites.

Eco Dairy | Artex Partners | Artex Barn Solutions

Eco Dairy

EcoDairy is a one-of-a-kind demonstration farm which aims to inspire the next generation of agriculture advocates. Located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, on 80 acres of lush farm lands, EcoDairy is the first demonstration farm of it's kind in Canada. Offering a unique, highly interactive learning environment, the EcoDairy experience has been developed in partnership with Science World British Columbia, the province's leading science and technology education facility.

Global Dairy Institute | Our Partners | Artex Barn Solutions

The Global Dairy Institute (GDI)

The Global Dairy Institute is a consortium of leading companies who offer a full range of services required to create a successful modern dairy operation. GDI leverages the expertise, skills, and relationships of it's member companies to provide the best information, education, and resources to dairy farmers around the world. With over 350 years of combined dairy experience in over 40 countries, GDI has the ability to support you in creating a profitable business from concept all the way to completion.

Global Dairy Farmers | Our Partners | Artex Barn Solutions

Global Dairy Farmers

Global Dairy Farmers (GDF) is the inspiring global network of (future) leading dairy farmers with associated business partners to exchange experience and business opportunities. This international network of around 80 progressive and eager-to-develop dairy farmers and up to 15 related business partners obtain knowledge on a tactical and strategic level which can be implemented at their own organization. This knowledge is obtained by gatherings, research projects, the GDF Congress and the GDF Online Platform.

Organizations We Support

It's important to us that we give back to our community. We've aligned with a number of organizations that are doing amazing work around the world, for more information please visit their websites.

Food For The Hungry | Our Partners | Artex Barn Solutions

Food For The Hungry

Since 2015, Artex Barn Solutions has partnered with FH Haiti in the community of Mategouasse (“mat-e-gwass”) which sits on the border with the Dominican Republic, mid-way between the north and south shores. Because of Artex Barn Solutions’ investment, more than 1,120 families, 1,970 school-aged children and 1,500 kids not yet in school have experienced an improvement in access to education as well as a higher quality education.

Youth Unlimited | Our Partners | Artex Barn Solutions

Youth Unlimited

Youth Unlimited in Abbotsford seeks to be a close-knit team of volunteers, ministry partners, and staff who join together in serving young people and their families.  They use our unique abilities in creative ways to respond in love to their spiritual, social, and mental needs. They enter the world of young people to build transformative communities where all are unconditionally accepted and accompanied in life’s journey.

GAIN International | Our Partners | Artex Barn Solutions

Gain International

Our yearly donations to GAIN International go to support the Water for Life Initiative. According to the World Health Organization, a child dies from a preventable disease associated with lack of clean water every 20 seconds. Often, just 80 meters below there feed are aquifers of pure, disease-free drinking water. Our donations go to providing one deep-water well, that helps to break the cycle of disease and deal, transforming communities for a life time.