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High Bay LED Lighting

Artex high bay LED lighting are ETL listed fixtures that are energy efficient and provide long-lasting light in your facility. Producing 90-100 lumen's per watt, these LED lights are quickly gaining a foothold in the dairy industry with their high lumen to watt ratio and their long lifetime.

Versatile, our high bay LED lights are perfect for a variety of applications from dairy and heifer barns, holding areas, milking parlours, and workshops.

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High Bay LED Light Options

• 80W/7,600 Lumen Lights - Compares to 200W metal halide lamps
• 150W/15,000 Lumen Lights - Compares to 400W metal halide lamps
• 250W/25,000 Lumen Lights - Compares to 600W metal halide lamps
• 300W/30,500 Lumen Lights - Compares to 700W metal halide lamps

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