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Jet Fans

Artex 20” jet fans are a high-powered fan designed to instantly increase air velocity with a concentrated air stream that allows you to better target specific areas in your barn. The rugged design and deep aerodynamic venture housing and narrow cone give you consistent performance and efficiency.

Designed for easy cleaning and a long lifespan, Artex jet fans are belt-free, and made with high-density, durable, corrosion resistant fibre. These small but powerful fans are available in a variety of options from 1 to 3 phase motors to high pressure fogging kits.

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Why Choose an Artex Jet Fan?

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Available Options

• Choose between 1 phase or 3 phase motor
• Optional safety guard
• Optional thermal protection
• Choose between ceiling, post, or wall mounting bracket
• Choose between 1/3HP to 1/2HP
• Optional High-Pressure Misting Kit

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