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High-Pressure Misting

Artex high pressure misting systems provide added cow cooling during hot summer months when simply air velocity alone is not enough to cool your herd. With a high-pressure fogging system, micron-sized fog droplets of water are pushed out into the environment and flash evaporated without making contact with the ground.

This reduces the ambient temperature in your barn or parlour 5°F/2°C to 30°F/16°C depending on the temperature and the relative humidity of your facility. Artex high pressure misting systems allow you to provide a cooler environment for your employees and herd without wetting bedding or feed.

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High-Pressure Misting Systems | High-Pressure Fogging Systems

Additional Options

• Stainless steel fogging nozzles
• Each system is custom designed for each facility
• Stainless steel and high-pressure nylon tubing for distribution
• Direct and belt drive pump systems available from 2 to 25 GPM
• Pump Sequence Panel to control pump operation based on input from ventilation controller

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