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Artex Freestall Systems

Our cow comfort philosophy is centered around the fact that the more a cow lays down the more milk she will produce, our freestall systems are built with this in mind. We offer stall systems to suit any management style and our systems easily fit into existing facilities or new barn designs with a variety of mounting options.

We understand that freestall systems are an investment which is why our systems are available in hot-dipped galvanized or pre-galvanized options. Durable and long-lasting, Artex freestalls stand up against the test of time and help to improve the laying rates in your facility.

“Cows are using the stalls, and we have less injuries. How can I put a price tag on that?”
Harry DeWitt - High Plains Dairy, Texas, USA

Biorail Freestall System | Freestalls | Cattle Handling Systems

BioRail Freestall System

Among the strongest stall systems on market, our twin-rail freestall system offers 3 connection points that create a triangle of strength and the best resistance to torque. Easily installed in new projects or existing barns, the BioRail freestall system works with all bedding types.

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Floor Mount Freestall Systems | Artex Freestalls

Floor Mount Freestall System

Designed to work specifically with mattresses, Artex floor mount freestall systems are easily installed without the need of posts or rails. Our most open stall system, floor mount freestalls offer no inhibitors to cow comfort and 360° head movement space.

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Post Mount Freestall System

For customers looking for a post mounted freestall system, we offer a value-driven system with a variety of mounting options and all the durability and indexing benefits of our other stall systems. With open stall fronts and an easy to install design, this system is great for retrofitting existing facilities.

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Post Mount Freestall System | Freestalls | Cattle Handling Systems

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Stall Dividers

Artex’s closed loop design prevents cows from turning around in the stalls. With a horizontal top that allows for shoulder bar adjustments, an open, unobstructed front and a transitional drop between the high back and low front, Artex stall dividers help to keep cows in a straight position when indexed in the stalls.

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