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Artex Feed Fronts

Artex feed fronts are designed for long-lasting durability. With heavier components, continuous welds, and stronger bushings than other products on the market; our headlocks stand up against the toughest barn environments.

We pride ourselves on the easy installation and low maintenance of our products. With minimal moving parts and easy-mount hardware, your team can easily and quickly install any of our feed front systems. More than that, our noise reducing hardware and well-spaced head and neck openings ensure the utmost cow friendliness.

Standard Headlocks | Artex Headlocks

Standard Headlocks

Our headlocks are designed to provide the best feeding environment for your animals and to make isolating animals for treatment that much easier. Standard features on all Artex headlocks include:

• Panic release • Noise reduction hardware
• Group and individual lock up • At-a-glance locking indicator

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CSL Self Locks | CSL Head Locks | CSL Feed Fronts

CSL Headlocks

The ultimate in cow comfort feed front solutions, the Artex CSL headlock provides an exceptionally wide top opening and a curved rail that minimizes contact with the cow’s head. CSL headlocks have a 18.5”/470mm curved opening across the top and all the standard features offered with all our self locks.

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HSL Self Locks | HSL Headlocks | HSL Feed Fronts

HSL Headlocks

For applications needing a heavy-duty feed front solution, we offer the HSL headlock system. Designed with a 2.7”/70mm top and bottom, the HSL Self Lock System allows for longer runs without the need for intermediate posts. Saving you on installation costs.

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WSL Headlocks

The WSL self lock system features the ultimate flexibility for your herd. With a 17”/43cm wide top and bottom opening, this self lock system ensures your herd has the most room to navigate, and offers the largest panic release opening.

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WSL Self Locks | WSL Head Locks | WSL Feed Fronts

Sloped Feed Rails | Feed Rails | Sloped Feed Fronts

Sloped Feed Rails

Ideal for training young animals for headlocks as they mature, Artex Sloped feed rails feature a unique bend to ensure maximum head and neck space. Sloped feed rails help to decrease neck sores and feed wastage.

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