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Exhaust Fans

A critical component of cross vent, tunnel vent and hybrid ventilation barns, Artex exhaust fans come in all sizes. Designed to be easily cleaned and maintained, our belt drive exhaust fans feature a quick change belt system. These fans will stand up against the test of time with durable, corrosion-resistant, U.V. protected frame.

Positive Pressure Exhaust Fans | Barn Ventilation

Monsoon Fans

A versatile fan, Artex Monsoon fans can act as an exhaust fan, a positive pressure fan, or as a powered inlet. Available with a wide variety of options such as insulated and powered shutters, this is a great fan for many barns.

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Standard Exhaust Fans | Barn Exhaust Fans | Barn Ventilation

Standard Exhaust Fans

Featuring direct drive exhaust fans from 12” to 36” and belt drive exhaust fans from 36” to 72”, our line of standard exhaust fans has options for any facility. Designed to fit under the overhang on your barns roof, our exhaust fans feature a shorter cone that protects them against both ice and snow.

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Artex controllers are designed to increase the energy savings of your fan purchase. Giving you the ability to automate your ventilation system ensures higher productivity and lower production costs. 

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