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CSL Self Locks

The Artex CSL self lock system is a fundamental part of the Comfort Zone™ system. Designed with larger herds and more mature animals, it provides cows with the ultimate in cow comfort. Featuring an exceptionally wide top opening and a curved rail that helps to minimize contact with a cow’s head.

Our CSL self locks maximize labour and management efficiency by providing an easy way to lock individuals and large groups. This makes physical examinations, vaccinations, inseminations, pregnancy checks, and treatments that much easier and faster.

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Why Choose Artex CSL Self Locks?

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Special Features of Artex CSL Self Locks

• 18.5”/470mm opening across the top
• Curved top rail for minimum contact with cow’s head

Standard Features of Artex Self Locks

• Panic release
• Bottom blocker
• Pro-pole release
• Auto-open top
• Visual locking setting

• Rub-free flippers
• Noise reducing hardware
• Individual animal lock-up
• Available in 4, 5, and 6 openings per 10'/3.05m panels
• Available in hot dip galvanized and pre-galvanized options


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