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Cow Cooling Solutions

Experts estimate that heat stress causes $5 to $6 billion in lost milk production and decreased animal performance in the United States each year. Dairy cows are more susceptible to heat stress than a number of other mammals because of the high metabolic heat production caused by rumen activity and milk production.

Even in a well-cooled barn, heat stress on average reduces milk production 10-15% and feed intake 10-15%. In dairies without cow cooling solutions, this reduced milk yield can be as high as 40-50% and feed intake by up to 30%. Not to mention how it can decrease reproduction rates and increase early embryonic loss and lamenss rates.

Research is telling us now that mild heat stress can begin at a THI of 68, especially for high producing cows. Since cows do not sweat excessively, heat abatement strategies are critical.

Cow Cooling Systems | Artex Cow Cooling Systems

Evaporative Cooling Systems

There are two kinds of evaporative cooling indirect and direct, both of which can be used in mechanically or naturally ventilated buildings. Evaporative Cooling systems have three main components:

Control Systems
Soaking Lines or High-Pressure Misting Systems

Cow Cooling Systems | Artex Cow Cooling Solutions

Soaking Lines

Soaking lines shower animals in large-droplet water, covering their backs. The water draws the heat out of her body and as the water evaporates she cools down. Soaking systems work best when paired with fans.

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Cow Cooling Systems | Artex Cow Cooling Systems

High Pressure Fogging

High pressure misting or fogging systems inject water vapour into the air, and as these water droplets evaporate, they remove heat from the air. This type of cooling is only meant for hot, arid climates and easily works with any Artex fan.

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