Cow Cooling Products

Nothing kills the productivity of your herd's milk production and reproduction rates like heat stress. Whether it’s during the hot summer months or in tropical, dry, or arid climates, it’s important to understand the importance of providing cow cooling solutions in your facility.

Artex provides a variety of solutions from soaker lines and fan combinations, to high pressure fogging systems. We work with you to assess the needs of your climate, herd, and management team. Providing you with cow cooling systems that keep your farm healthy and productive.

Cooling Fans | Cooling Systems

Cow Cooling Fans

Fans are a critical piece of the evaporative cooling process. Whether you are using a standard exhaust fan, a positive pressure fan, or circulation fans; any Artex fan in our Comfort Zone™ line can be used in combination with our other cow cooling systems.

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High Pressure Misting | Cow Cooling Systems

High-Pressure Misting

Our high-pressure misting and fogging systems, you can install a kit on any Artex fan you currently have running in your facility for a low cost. We strive to understand your facilities needs and help you to customize indirect evaporative cooling systems that work for you.

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Soaker Lines | Artex Soaking Lines

Soaking Lines

Perfect for holding areas and feed lanes, Artex soaking line systems are fully customizable and can be installed with a variety of mounting options. Opt for an Artex automation system and we will help you customize a program that suits your facility and management needs.

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