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Artex controllers enable you to achieve higher productivity and lower production costs by giving you the ability to automate fans, inlets, curtains, heaters, lights and cooling systems. With modular designs and slave units, our control systems grow as your facility does.

We offer a variety of controller options from the Evaporative Cooling Controllers to the AutoFlex system that controls everything in your barn. Speak with us today for more information or scroll down to read more about our controller options.

Auto Flex Connect | Artex ControllersArtex AutoFlex Connect controller

The Artex AutoFlex is our most comprehensive and versatile controller with the ability to control and monitor 16 different zones. It offers an intuitive user interface and gives you the ability to configure and monitor your system from a local 10” touchscreen or on any web-enabled device.

Featuring a modular design, you are easily able to expand as your facility grows. It also has standard interchangeable modules for control of fixed or variable speed fans, heaters, inlets, and curtains.


AutoFlex Connect Controls Allow You To:

• Automate lighting
• Manage your barn from anywhere

• Set timed events for manure scrapers and feeding times
• Monitor temperature, static pressure, wind speed, humidity, rain, and THI

For Use On:  Circulation Fans | Exhaust Fans | Cow Cooling Systems

16 Stage Supra Controller | Artex ControllersSupra 16-Stage Controller

Supra 16-Stage Controllers allow you to monitor and control temperatures in up to four separate zones by operating ventilation equipment such as fans, heaters, inlet actuators, and motorized curtains. It also allows you to connect to a water meter with pulse output to monitor water usage in your barn.

This system lets you automatically change the temperature set point for a specific period of time during the day, giving you the ability to maintain different day/night temperature settings. An optional humidity control gives you the ability to connect a Relative Humidity Sensor and adjust ventilation during high humidity.

Supra 16-Stage Controls Allow You To:

• Configure seven-step growth curves
• Monitor daily water usage in your barn

• Monitor and control humidity and adjust ventilation accordingly
• Automatically change the temperature set point for specific times during the day

For Use On:  Circulation Fans | Exhaust Fans | Cow Cooling Systems

Variable Frequency Drive Controller | Artex ControllersSingle Stage 0-to-10 VFD Controller

With our Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Controller, controlling fans with VFD's is a breeze. With 0 to 10 VDC signal output and a disconnect relay, you can easily and effectively control the ventilation in your facilities. Our VFD Controller has many other applications from controlling slave units to modulating valves or other equipment requiring a DC signal.

Featuring two LED Displays that show temperature, signal output, programming information, and alarm codes. As well as programming lights that show which settings you are editing and a knob to easily between and adjust settings.

Artex VFD Controls Feature:

• Setting power-failure protection
• 6’/1.8m temperature probe extendable to 500’/152m

• Three-second full-power-turn-on to minimize fan ice-up
• Automatic temperature-based control, -13°F/-25°C to 125°F/51°C range

For Use On:  Circulation Fans | Exhaust Fans | Cow Cooling Systems

Click here to download the brochure.

Environmental Controllers | Artex ControllersEvaporative Cooling Controllers

The Artex evaporative cooling control ensures the effective monitoring and control of your soaker lines or high pressure misting systems. With six relays, this ECC-1 controller controls a combination of sprinkler solenoids, pumps, and/or single speed fans.

This controller was designed with versatility and usability in mind. It features two main modes of operation, soaker mode for direct evaporative cooling or mister/fogger mode for indirect cooling. Program your system to turn on at a certain time of the day or select the optional humidity sensor and program your controller to bypass soaking or misting when humidity levels are too high.

Artex Evaporative Cooling Controls Feature:

• 30’/9.1m temperature probe extendable to 500’/152m
• Time-of-day and temperature-based duty cycle operation

• Alarm relay that triggers on power failures, probe damage, high/low temperatures
• Temperature and sprinkler duration information from current and previous days

For Use On:  Cow Cooling Systems

Manual Speed Controller | Artex ControllersManual Speed Control

A simple and effective way to control fan motors, the Artex Manual speed control allows you to manually adjust the speed of ventilation and heat exchanger equipment. This controller can also be used as a light dimmer for heat lamps and can power up to five 250-watt lamps.




Artex Manual Speed Controls Feature:

• One variable speed output
• Adjustable high/low settings

• On/Off switch
• Overload protection fuse

For Use On:  Circulation Fans | Exhaust Fans