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Circulation Fans

Artex circulation fans are a fundamental part of the Comfort Zone™. Designed for years of trouble-free operation, Artex circulation fans are easy to clean and maintain. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and mounting options and can easily be outfitted with high pressure fogging systems.

Circulation Fans | Barn Ventilation | Artex Storm Fan

Storm Fans

Our most powerful circulation fan, the Artex Storm has adjustable louvers that allow you to direct air over and under cows. One 72” storm fan has the capability to replace 4 single speed panel fans or 8 – 36” basket fans.

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Circulation Fans | Barn Ventilation | Artex Breeze Fan

Breeze Fans

Our version of the popular panel fan, the Artex Breeze fan helps to control pests, dry bedding and keep air in your facility fresh. Available in a wide rage of sizes, these fans are light-weight and quiet at all speeds.

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Circulation Fans | Barn Ventilation | Artex Basket Fan

Basket Fans

Our high-velocity basket fans are a cost-effective addition to any ventilation strategy. With a flexible mounting bracket and a variety of installation options, this fan is a great fit anywhere in your barn.

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Jet Fans

The newest addition to our circulation fan product line, the Artex 20” jet fan allows you to better target specific areas in your barn. This fan instantly send a concentrated air stream over or under obstacles or animals.

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Circulation Fans | Barn Ventilation | Artex Jet Fans

Circulation Fans | Barn Ventilation | Artex Controllers


Artex controllers are designed to increase the energy savings of your fan purchase. Giving you the ability to automate your ventilation system ensures higher productivity and lower production costs. 

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