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Cattle Handling Equipment

Artex cattle handling equipment is a long lasting, durable stabling solution. A combination of the proper pipe thickness, fully welded seams and complete hot dip galvanization inside and out ensures some of the longest life expectancy of stabling products on the market.

Designed with low maintenance and cow comfort in mind, our stabling products encourage the natural behaviours found in pasture environments. With all the management benefits that make your job easier and help to reduce labour costs.

Equipment Manufacturing | Cattle Handling Equipment Manufacturing


Our North American style manufacturing facility located in China allows us to provide customers with a cost-effective cattle handling solutions, that maintains the high standards that customers have come to expect from Artex.

We are proud of our factory and host regular trips to China where customers and dealers can see our manufacturing process first hand.

With a continued focus on manufacturing improvement, we regularly consider upgrades to our existing state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment including robotic welders, computer aided cutting tables, saws, drill presses, and benders.


Galvanization | Cattle Handling Equipment Galvanization

Galvanization Options

We fully understand that barns are naturally highly-corrosive environments. With this in mind, all standard Artex products are fully hot dipped galvanized both inside and out, ensuring extra long life. This contributes to our products having some of the longest life expectancy on the market.

Customized Cattle Handling Equipment | Cattle Handling Equipment

Customization Options

Every facility is different, because of this we offer a variety of mounting options, hinges and latches and more. The solution should fit your barn, not your barn fit our solution, and because of our manufacturing capability we can build custom products easily and quickly. Especially in the case of barn renovations, Artex's capability to fully customize the solution for your barn is an added benefit.