Calf Zone Pens | Artex Calf Zone Pens

Calf Zone Pens

Artex offers two different calf pen options to meet the needs of calves in both temperate/cold and hot climates. Each of our Calf Zone Systems has been designed with easy installation and sanitization in mind. Your team is busy, and our pens come with removable walls that make cleaning quick and easy.

With a variety of customizations and options available, you can tailor each of our calf pen systems to meet the needs of your facility and management strategy. Whether you need a longer wall or wider pen, hay feeders or larger buckets and bottle holders, our pens can be customized to fit your needs.

Artex Calf Pens | Artex Calf Zone Systems

Standard Calf Pens

Protect your young herd with a standard Artex Calf Zone Pen. Our standard calf pens are easily mounted to structural walls or in stand-alone rows. With a variety of sizes and back wall options, these pens are easily customized and made to fit any calf barn. 

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Raised Calf Pens | Artex Raised Calf Zone

Raised Calf Pens

In warmer climates, you need enhanced ventilation and airflow to keep calves cool. The Artex raised calf zone pen was built for flush systems and feature slatted floors that allow the flush system to clean under pens.

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Calf Barn Ventilation | Ventilation for Calf Pens

Calf Barn Ventilation

Our team of ventilation experts will work with you to develop an effective ventilation strategy for your calf pen or calf barn. We will work with you to develop an optimal environment for your young herd.

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