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Calf Barn Ventilation

Calves are the future of your herd, and keeping them healthy is key to the future succes of your farm. More and more farmers are taking advantage of technological advancements such as automated feeding, and bringing young stock inside, increasing the need for proper ventilation of calf areas.

Calves need individual attention and monitoring, it only makes sense that your calf barn ventilation strategy needs to factor in the individual needs of each calf pen. The ideal ventilation strategy for your calf facility will maintain consistent air exchange rates, and increase the airspeed as temperature increases dictate, ensuring that fresh clean air hits each calf pen.

Every calf facility is unique in geography, climate, construction, and management style. Artex custom designs each calf barn ventilation strategy to meet the specific needs of your herd and facility.

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Calf Barn Ventilation Strategies

Each Artex calf barn ventilation system is custom designed to fit the specific needs of your facility.

Positive Pressure Tube Ventilation - Used in facilities where lack of fresh air is a concern, air is brought in and directed into the calf micro environment using a custom designed tube system.
Assisted Natural Ventilation - For facilities that have concerns with air movement, a combination of fans can be used to ensure adequate airflow in the facility. Tunnel and cross ventilation options ccan also be used depending on location and building design.

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