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Breeze Fans

Artex Breeze fans create high-velocity air patterns that not only help to cool your cows, but also control insects and dry bedding. Ideal for recirculating and distributing air in tunnel and naturally ventilated barns, our panel fans ensure that the air in your facility is clean and fresh for both your herd and employees.

Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, Artex panel fans offer years of trouble-free service. They are available in a variety of standard and high-efficiency options
These light-weight fans are now available in 36”, 50”, 55”, 72”, and 84” options.

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Why Choose an Artex Breeze Fan?

Available Options

• Choose between 36”, 50”, 55”, or 72” Artex Breeze Fan
• Choose between 1 phase or 3 phase motor
• Choose between 50 or 60 Hz motor
• Available in multiple voltage options
• Optional thermal protection
• Optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
• Optional front and rear safety guards
• Optional High-Pressure Misting Kit

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