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99% of Dairy Barns Need Ventilation
Posted on Mar 7, 2018 by Karen Lally

99.99% of Dairy Barns need Ventilation | The Artex ConnectionThis week Senior Dairy Specialist Sue Hagenson is in Australia to follow up on the installation of Artex Storm fans in an open pack compost barn. Here is a little highlight of her trip:

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Trillium Hills Cow Cooling | Artex Soaking Lines
Posted on Feb 28, 2018 by Karen Lally

Cow cooling is a critical component of consistent milk production in summer months. Trillium Hills wouldn't change a thing with their cow cooling strategy, find out why in this video.

Trillium Hills Freestalls | BioRail Freestall Mounting System
Posted on Feb 21, 2018 by Karen Lally

Our most popular freestall system in the USA, the BioRail freestall mounting system offered the team at Trillium Hills a lot of flexibility on top of the enhanced cow comfort they were looking for.

Check out this video to learn more about their experience and the many great features of Artex BioRail freestall systems.

Trillium Hills Headlocks | Artex WSL Self Locks
Posted on Feb 14, 2018 by Karen Lally

Artex headlocks are designed to offer long-lasting, quiet operation. Trillium Hills Farm features the Artex WSL Self Lock, check out this video to learn more about this headlock option and to hear how they like it.

Trillium Hills Ventilation | Artex Exhaust Fans
Posted on Feb 7, 2018 by Karen Lally

This cross-ventilated dairy farm in Berlin, Wisconsin, has had great success with a combination of 72" and 50" Artex Exhaust Fans. Check out this video to hear more about their experience.

Artex Project Highlights: Trillium Hills Farm Overview
Posted on Feb 4, 2018 by Karen Lally

Another farm we've had the privilege of working within 2017 was Trillium Hills Farm. This project was a collaboration between the Artex team, our dealer Agristeel and the amazing team at Bayland Buildings, Inc.

Artex Project Highlights: Cedar Valley Overview
Posted on Feb 1, 2018 by Karen Lally

This year we shot a project highlight video at Cedar Valley in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. This is the first of four videos we introduced at the 2017 World Dairy Expo.

Cedar Valley - Abbotsford, BC, Canada
Posted on Nov 30, 2017 by Karen Lally

Artex Project Highlight | Cedar ValleyNestled in the heart of the Fraser Valley, CedarValley Farms is an organic
certified dairy farm milking 400 cows. An hour East of Vancouver, BC,
CedarValley is surrounded by the beautiful Coast Mountains and the Fraser
and Sumas Rivers. Their geography means that 80% of the wind comes from
the South West. When it came time for owners Dave and Rich Vanderwal to
replace their barn, natural ventilation was an easy choice.

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Enmaa Dairy - Bahariya, Egypt
Posted on Apr 24, 2017 by Karen Lally

Enma Dairy | Artex Projects

Enma Dairy is located 5 hours South of Cairo and found in a remote area of the Sahara Desert. The project is being built by Al-Enmaa Agriculture Development and Livestock Company, which is a subsidiary of Juhayna Food Industries, one of the largest manufacturing companies in Egypt.

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Estancias del Lago - Uruguay
Posted on Apr 24, 2017 by Karen Lally

In 2012, construction began on Uruguay’s first modern free stall dairy farm on a very large scale. Estancias del Lago is being constructed after four years of exhaustive research, visiting farms, and many professional consultations.

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