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"Artificial" Heat Stress

Are you causing the heat stress, or is the environment? Heat stress is a killer; from productivity to cow health, the sides effects are real. In this webinar, Dr. Matt Brady walks through a recent case study and talks about the dangerous effects of artificial heat stress environments. 

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5 Ways to Simplify and Declutter your Dairy Cow Diet

Feeding dairy cattle profitably in 2021 has come with challenges! High grain prices in combination with a global freight crisis have left many dairy producers looking for solutions. Sometimes answers can be found in taking a pragmatic look at your diet and deciding what is really needed rather than chasing perfection. Time and time again, dairy diets contain an additive that no longer serves a purpose, or a lack of one nutrient, but overfeeding another.

Daniel’s presentation will focus on simplifying, decluttering, and how to spend feed dollars wisely through the current commodity price circus. The presentation lists tips to save money, or optimize your current feed budget. Watch now!



Economics of Using Beef Semen in Dairy Herds

The profitability of beef semen in dairy is principally influenced by:

1) dairy and beef market calves prices
2) reproductive performance
3) semen combination strategies

Due to the complex interaction among these factors and their inherent changing conditions, the quest for an optimal strategy is best served by the application of an integrated model and a decision support tool adaptable to ever-changing farm and market conditions. Watch now!




Rethinking Methane: Animal Agriculture's Path to Climate Neutrality

Animal agriculture is often shouldered with a large part of the blame when it comes to climate change, but that’s because we haven’t been looking at all greenhouse gases correctly. While methane is a potent climate pollutant that we can and need to reduce, it warms our atmosphere differently than other gases because of its short lifespan. By rethinking methane, we can see that animal agriculture can be on the path to climate neutrality with scalable solutions and give the global community tools to fight global climate change. Watch now!




Milk Quality Begins in the back of the barn

Successful improvements in milk quality take a systems approach. Historically, we’ve focused in the front of the barn (the parlor) to make improvements. While that area is important, significant efforts should be made in the back of the barn as well. Cow comfort, bedding management, ventilation, heat/cold stress and employee protocols all play a role in milk quality. The impacts of these factors are amplified in robotic facilities. Not approaching milk quality from a systems point of view leads to missed opportunities for improvement. Watch now!




Cost & Effect: the not so hidden cost of poorly ventilated calf facilities

Calves are the foundation for a successful healthy herd, so it’s crucial to make sure they are living in the best possible environment, and it starts with the air around them. Dr. Michael Wolf is the owner of Country Doctors Veterinary Service and a consulting veterinarian for VES-Artex, he will discuss how important a healthy environment is for the long-term health, wellbeing and productivity of growing heifers. He'll walk us through design goals and the cost/benefit analysis of your ventilation investment. Watch now!




Ventilation in Depth: Baffles

In this webinar we will discuss baffles in negative pressure ventilation systems for adult dairy cows. We will review the overall design philosophy behind baffles and the history of cross-ventilated barns, the type of barns that most commonly use baffles. We will also look at the latest research on baffle design and position on cross-ventilated barns as well as tunnel-ventilated barns. Finally we will address unintentional baffles that deflect air away from the animal occupied zone like waterers, concrete walls, cross-over walls, feed bunks, etc. We will review examples from measurements on farms as well as computational fluid dynamics models. Watch now!



Cooling Dry Cows: Impacts on the Cow and the Calf

Whereas the beneficial effects of cooling cows during lactation are clear, less work has been done to examine the impact of dry cow cooling on subsequent performance and health, and on the developing fetus. This presentation will explore the recent work related to late gestation cooling on milk yield, metabolism, and immune status in the cow, and also reviews the effects of in utero heat stress on the heifer calf. Finally, the economic implications of heat stress in the dry period will be explored. Watch Now!




Optimizing the Eating Behaviour of Dairy Cows

Despite many advances in the field of dairy cow nutrition, we are still often faced with the challenge of ensuring consistent and adequate dry matter intake to maximize production and maintain health. Dairy cows do not always consume their feed in a manner that optimizes intake and rumen health. Further, the eating behavior of dairy cows may also result in them consuming a ration that differs from that delivered to them. This presentation will describe the importance of good eating behavior in dairy cows and practical management and housing strategies that may be implemented to allow dairy cows to have good access to the feed provided to them, and to consume it in manner which is conducive to good health, efficiency, and productivity. Watch Now!


Karl Burgie | Hoof Health | Artex AcademyTailoring Facility Floor and Handling systems for hoof health success

Flooring surfaces that dairy cattle walk on have a tremendous impact on hoof health. As farm sizes continue to grow, new hoof health issues arise.

Karl Burgi, Board Chairman for Save Cows® Network companies, will discuss flooring finishes that provide maximum traction while also optimizing claw function.

Discover resurfacing methods for old concrete floors and ideal grooving patterns for new construction facilities. In addition, learn about different hoof care management systems that promote optimum cow flow and proper livestock handling. Watch Now