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As milk is 87% water, water intake is crucial for milk production. A modern dairy cow needs roughly 3 litres of water to produce 1 litre of milk. High producing cows can drink more than 150 litres of water a day.

Poor water quality not only affects water intake, it also affects cow health and can reduce productivity by up to 20%. Easy access to fresh, clean water will also increase dry matter intake, further increasing productivity.

Artex Aqua Dumps are industry leading waterers that allow you to tip and dump the contents making it quick and easy to clean. Available in both a standard and shallow option, Artex Aqua Dumps are a critical component of every barn design.

Artex Waterer | Artex Aqua Dump | Artex Standard Aqua Dump

Artex Standard Aqua Dumps

Water is one of the most important nutrients to a dairy cow, second only to oxygen. Providing the cleanest, freshest water has always been our main goal.

The Standard Aqua Dump Series is available in lengths from 60cm (2') to 457cm (15') and are available in stainless steel or hot dip galvanized options. 

Standard Aqua Dumps

Artex Waterer | Artex Aqua Dump | Artex Shallow Aqua Dump

Shallow Aqua Dumps

This new take on our popular Standard Aqua Dump focuses on providing environmentally friendly troughs that require less water, making them more economical to dump and clean. 

As clean water is a critical component of milk production, the Shallow Aqua Dump has been designed to make cleaning easier and faster than ever before.

Shallow Aqua Dumps