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The History of Artex

Artex has been a leader in agricultural supply for over forty years. Purchased by John de Jonge in 1995, it evolved away from silage and manure equipment to focused in on cattle handling equipment, ventilation and cow cooling.

Artex Barn Solutions rose to new heights over the next ten years, and positioned itself for the global market by opening its first North-American style manufacturing plant in China in 2007. Artex hosts regular trips to China for both customers and dealers to tour their facilities, showcasing their manufacturing capabilities and commitment to quality.

This global expansion has led Artex to a vast and rapid growth. With a network of dealers around the world and projects in more than 40 countries worldwide, Artex takes pride in the level of excellence and commitment it continues to bring to the dairy industry.


Our Philosophy is simple...

The more a cow lays down, the more milk she produces.
The more milk she produces, the more money farmers make.


Our Partners

Artex works with a number of amazing organizations and companies. We thrive on aligning with like-minded companies and working together to improve the quality of service we offer our customers and learning from each other.

Join Our Team

As pioneers in cow comfort, we are looking for innovators and straight shooters to join our rapidly-growing team. We won’t beat around the bush. Our team works hard in a fast-paced environment that interacts with people across the globe.

If you’re interested in joining our family-focused team, click here to learn more about the Artex family and to check out available job postings.

Our Solutions

Our cow comfort solutions are based on our Comfort Zone™ philosophy. Learn more about our holistic approach to cow comfort and the solutions we offer.


Our Products

Our equipment line features a  collection of products designed to increase milk production and reduce health issues. Learn more today about our product line.