October 9th, hoof expert Karl Burgi of Save the Cows will be talking to us about Advancing Your Hoof Care Program. 

Lameness and lack of a proper hoof care program are issues many modern dairy farms face around the world. The losses associated with lameness directly impact the producer's bottom line.

This talk will discuss what the world’s top farms are doing to combat lameness including how to treat and prevent the top three hoof lesions, a programmed hoof trimming schedule for success, the modern hoof trimming method to achieve optimal results and hoof trimming errors to avoid. In addition, controlling digital dermatitis and hoof bath management will be discussed before discovering how to adapt a #NoLamenessTolerance at the farm level.

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On October 23rd, Courtney Halbach will discuss transition cow facility design and management strategies to optimize transition cow performance. Appropriately stocked pens, sufficient access to feed, socially-stable groups, and a comfortable place to rest are some of the critical barn design principles that will be covered. Save your seat today