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Standard Exhaust Fans

Artex offers exhaust fan options from 12” to 36” direct drive exhaust fans to 36” to 72” belt drive exhaust fans, with high-performance options for rebate purposes. Our standard exhaust fans are the perfect fit for any tunnel vent or cross vent barn. Designed to fit neatly under your barns roof overhang, they have a shorter cone that ensures protection against both ice and snow.

Built to withstand the challenges of any climate, Artex exhaust fans are made with a reinforced, high density, corrosion resistant fibre. Easy to clean and maintain, these Artex fans feature a quick-change belt system.

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Additional Options

• Optional thermal protection
• Optional winter board inserts
• Optional long cone or no cone
• Optional aluminium shutter
• Optional wire guard intake
• Optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
• Option NEMA or IEC standard on direct drive fans
• Choose between 1 phase or 3 phase motors

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