Designing a ventilation system right for you and your herd is critical. Artex provides a number of fans and cooling options to meet both your Summer and Winter ventilation requirements. We have solutions for Natural, Tunnel, and Cross ventilated barns. Be sure to consider High Pressure Fogging for additional ambient temperature drop. Artex also provides environmental controls allowing your system to automatically adjust based on the environment in the barn. Click here to see our ventilation product brochure


Artex Storm Fan

Unique airfoil defectors direct air over and under cows better than any other fan.  Moves big air volume, efficiently and quietly.  Excellent for air destratification.

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Artex Breeze Fan





Lightweight, fiberglass housing is corrosion-resistant and easy to keep clean with no corners for dirt/diseases to build up in.  Available in 36”, 50” and 72” sizes.

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Artex Exhaust Fan





Available in 50”, 55” and 72” sizes, the thick and strong fiberglass housing and energy efficient performance makes this fan ideal for the dairy industry.  Works well with both a tunnel and cross ventilation strategy.

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Artex Basket Fan






This High Velocity Basket Fan is a leader in the market for power and efficient.  Available in both an Open and Closed Guard, this fan provides the most cost effective option up front for to ventilation in a dairy barn.

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Artex High Pressure Fogging

Heat and stress can cause a cow to produce less milk, have lower pregnancy rates, and poor health. The Artex High Pressure Fogging can reduce your barns ambient temperature by evaporative cooling, that will keep you’re bedding and feed dry. Learn more on our High Pressure Fogging