About Artex Barn Solutions

Artex Barn Solutions is a team of dedicated dairy professionals who are passionate about cow comfort and the success of the farmers we work with. Pioneers of cow comfort research, Artex and our partners were some of the first to use time lapse photography to understand cow behaviour and comfort within the barn compared to pasture environments.

Our research led to the development of our complete line of Comfort Zone cattle handling products, including freestalls, headlocks, calf pens, gates, and fencing. Artex also specializes in ventilation products, providing an innovative lineup of recirculation fans, exhaust fans, and cooling solutions.

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Over the summer the Artex Academy will be hosting a series of webinars focused around ventilation and cooling in dairy barns. Sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of what's coming up next. 

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Registration is now open for: 

Advance  Your Hoof Care Program - Karl Burgi, Save The Cows Network

Transition Cow Facility Design - Courtney Halbach, Dairyland Initiative

Why Work With Artex?

The Comfort Zone™

The goal of our Comfort Zone™ system is to create an indoor environment that encourages the natural behaviours found in the pasture. Our products are designed to increase rest time and reduce health issues, increasing the productivity of your farm.


"I think we’ve accomplished cow comfort the way we wanted it."

Dr Monty Belmer about Trillium Hills Dairy in Berlin
Wisconsin, USA

“The service we received from Artex is what impressed us. The staff worked with us to ensure our product and installation met our needs.”

Laurens Schilderink | Hermink Construction/Spandet Dairy 
Texas, USA

"From custom parts to individual ventilation design, Artex has always been able to help us work through those challenges."

Aaron Buchanan | Sioux Dairy Equipment
Iowa, USA


Our Solutions

Our cow comfort solutions are based on our Comfort Zone™ philosophy. Learn more about our holistic approach to cow comfort and the solutions we offer.


Our Products

Our equipment line features a  collection of products designed to increase milk production and reduce health issues. Learn more today about our product line.