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5 keys to effectively soaking dairy cows
Posted on Sep 10, 2017 by Karen Lally

5 keys to effectively soaking dairy cows | The Artex Connection In July, Dan Veeneman wrote this great article on how to get the best results from your soaking system for Progressive Dairyman USA. 

We all know that cows are sensitive to heat stress, with cumulative, negative effects that compromise both cow productivity and farm profitability. It’s important that both humidity and temperature (THI) are taken into consideration when measuring heat stress levels because the humidity will affect at what temperature cows become heat stressed.

In climates where humidity is high, the most effective method to cool a cow is low-pressure soaking. Soaking works on the basis of reducing the temperature of the cow through evaporative cooling. Large water droplets wet the cow’s back; the water draws the heat off the cow, and combined with airflow, the water evaporates from the cow’s body to cool her.

Sounds very simple, yet there are numerous dairy farms where soaking is not working the way it should.

Visit Progressive Dairyman USA to read the rest of the five tips for making the most out of a soaker system.

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