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Enmaa Dairy - Bahariya, Egypt
Posted on Apr 23, 2017 by Karen Lally

Enma Dairy | Artex Projects

Enma Dairy is located 5 hours South of Cairo and found in a remote area of the Sahara Desert. The project is being built by Al-Enmaa Agriculture Development and Livestock Company, which is a subsidiary of Juhayna Food Industries, one of the largest manufacturing companies in Egypt.

Original discussions began in 2012 between Enmaa and FiveG Consulting, our Engineering business partner based in Paris, Texas. The plan is for the dairy to be at full capacity milking 8,000 head by 2020. The plan for Phase One is to milk 800 cows by late 2015. Phase one includes one eighty-head rotary milking parlour, two revenue barns including maternity pens, heifer barns and calving facilities.

The style of the revenue barns is based on the “Saudi Style”, where self locks are centred down the middle of the barn with the rest of the barn an open lot where the cows can lay to sleep and be cooled by Artex’s ventilation solution.

For this project, Artex is supplying self locks, Aqua Dumps, cable fencing and railing system, raised Calf Zone pens, gates as well as ventilation and High-Pressure Fogging Systems. The ventilation and fogging system has been designed specifically for this project and the climate in Egypt.

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