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99% of Dairy Barns Need Ventilation
Posted on Mar 6, 2018 by Karen Lally

99.99% of Dairy Barns need Ventilation | The Artex ConnectionThis week Senior Dairy Specialist Sue Hagenson is in Australia to follow up on the installation of Artex Storm fans in an open pack compost barn. Here is a little highlight of her trip:

“Ventilation is required in 99.999% of dairy farms around the world. To correctly ventilate a barn it’s really important to understand the function of the fans, this helps you to determine what fans are needed and how to space them.

In this barn, the role of the fans is to:

- Provide the correct airspeed over the cows to encourage them to lie down for a minimum of 12 hours a day

- To maintain good air quality

- To maintain good compost quality

Even though not all of the fans have been installed yet, the cows are telling us how comfortable they are. Meaning most of the cows are lying down and are evenly spread out over the pack. The compost pack is in good condition and the cows are nice and clean. Air quality is no longer a problem and milk production has increased from 36L/cow/day to 42L/cow/day.”

Happy cows, equal happy farmers, and that’s success in our books.

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99.99% of Dairy Barns Need Ventilation

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