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Lameness and lack of a proper hoof care program are issues many modern dairy farms face around the world. The losses associated with lameness directly impact the producer's bottom line.

This talk will discuss what the world’s top farms are doing to combat lameness including how to treat and prevent the top three hoof lesions, a programmed hoof trimming schedule for success, the modern hoof trimming method to achieve optimal results and hoof trimming errors to avoid. In addition, controlling digital dermatitis and hoof bath management will be discussed before discovering how to adapt a #NoLamenessTolerance at the farm level.

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In this webinar Professor and Extension Specialist, Dr. Mike Brouk from Kansas State University will be discussing the short and long term benefits of cooling dry cows.

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Ventilation and cooling for dairy facilities is an ongoing challenge that still lacks a standardized solution for adult cow barns. With the addition of automatic milking systems (AMS), the ventilation design challenge gets turned on its head.

This talk will discuss how the basic adult cow ventilation applies in automatic milking facilities and will highlight the challenges of ventilating AMS barns. 

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It’s not as simple as bringing calves indoors. Building a calf facility requires a customized ventilation strategy for the next generation.

In this webinar Artex PPT Specialist, Patrick Rothert walks us through the foundations of effective calf barn ventilation.

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On top of everything else, the dairy industry is under increasing scrutiny in regard to many traditional management and housing practices.

What are the welfare challenges that must be addressed now and in the not too distant future?

How can the dairy industry embrace the concept of continuous improvement and provide what the milk procurement companies demand?

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Dairy producers have never had so many different options to consider when designing a ventilation system for adult cow barns – new and old.

There is no one size fits all, but a combination of factors that need to be considered when making the choice. This talk will navigate through the pros and cons of different systems and provide a framework for decision making.

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The dairy industry has changed, and we’re changing with it. Consumers are looking for sustainable, environmentally friendly nutrition, produced by people whose commitment to animal welfare and the environment are in line with their own.

In this seminar, Senior Dairy Specialist Sue Hagenson talks about the parts ventilation and cow cooling play in sustainability and profitability within the dairy industry. It touches on the correlation between ventilation and cooling strategies and milk production, reproduction, and health costs.

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Goals for the new dairy design;

• Fresh air for all the cows - Everywhere
• No Heat Stress
• No Cow Bunching
• No Frozen Manure
• And operational cost equal to Naturally Ventilated Barn with Fans!

Goals Achieved!

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What Aren't You seeing? Trouble Shooting Dairy Barns

During her time in China, Senior Dairy Specialist Sue Hagenson managed one of Fonterra's dairy farms, then led the design, construction and start up of five facilities for a total of 24,000 cows. Sue works with farmers around the world trouble shooting cow comfort and barn design issues in addition to developing ventilation and cooling systems.

In this webinar, Sue will be talking about troubleshooting common barn challenges.




Indoor FEED Production, the future for sustainable Dairy?

The modern dairy producer faces new challenges compared to previous generations of farmers. Environmental regulations that require saving water, decreasing emissions, and increasing sustainability are reshaping dairy management strategies. Consumer demands continue to put pressure on what dairy cattle should be fed and how they are handled. At the same time, genetic selection for higher production has increased nutrition requirements for animals.

How can dairy producers meet the nutrition demands of the cattle and the high standards of the modern consumer, all while staying within the framework of current regulations?

New technology is needed to propel today's dairy into the future.

Join us on a journey of what this might look like and how we can meet these new demands while sustainably growing our operations. We give our vision of what is happening in the world right now. Also, what does this mean for dry areas? What does this mean regarding concentrates? (Partial) replacement? Visit our YouTube channel to learn more. 



Rocks in the Stream

Air, like water, takes the path of least resistance. It's critical to understand how air will move through your facility in order to make educated decisions regarding your new or existing ventilation strategy.

In this webinar, Artex Sales Manager Jeff Bowman will walk you through the airflow patterns in tunnel vent, cross vent, and positive pressure systems and dive into airflow patterns with baffles.

Jeff has spent the last 6 years with Artex Barn Solutions developing effective cattle handling and ventilation solutions for large scale farms.